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Noah had a slew of injuries before last season and I wouldnt spend a top-20 pick on him. Taj Gibson is a huge loser from the Gasol news. Hes likely going to get less run than perhaps even last year. While he did break out, his huge year was due to coach Thibs not wanting to play Carlos Boozer down the stretch. This year, the Bulls have plenty of reliable options, all of which dont kill ball movement like the way Boozer did. Its hard to be excited about a Gibson repeat.

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I thought there was a glass ceiling for comedy albums. The last time a comedy album topped the Billboard charts was over half a century ago. But that doesnt mean his plans are changing. The success of Mandatory Fun doesnt mean hell stick with the album-centric way of releasing music. I continue to think the same things that I thought prior to the album going to Number 1. I still think that albums for me are not the most efficient or intelligent way for me to present my music to the public, he says. I would prefer to get my songs out in a more timely fashion. Being an artist who only releases singles just makes sense, he says, since he likes to parody songs when theyre still at the forefront of listeners minds. Especially given the perfect storm that YouTube is helping music videos and comedy sketches get to viewers in a way that didnt used to be possible his goal is to capitalize on the technology as much as possible.

Through the Roof Pediatric Therapy will host its Third Annual Fashion Show on Saturday, May 31 at First Presbyterian Church in Hernando, 1145 McIngvale. Donna Sularin, executive director of Through the Roof, said the event will feature special needs children and their moms as fashion models. “It’s a great event and great for everybody involved,” Sularin said in a recent interview. A silent auction will begin at 10 a.m. which will feature among other unique and interesting items as a six-man guided duck hunt in the Mississippi Delta, an hour in the FedEx flight simulator, a flight in a J3 Piper Cub with a FedEx pilot, along with an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Workshop, 120 square-feet of patio stone and a signed Grizzlies jersey belonging to Mike Miller. The mission of Through the Roof Pediatric Therapy is to provide help and hope to special needs children and their families in the form of free therapy services (physical, occupational, speech, and special instruction), parent support groups, parent/caregiver workshops, and group therapy sessions.


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