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With Fashion reddit The drones are official website coming to steal your privacy, but now there’s a fashionable way to tell them to butt out. Join the Stealth War Wear. Stealth Wear, which was created by Adam Harvey , was designed to ” protect the wearer from drone surveillance .” While it seems like privacy has become a privilege , it can now also be quite fashionable –Harvey has designed a scarf and hoodie that are “anti-drone,” limiting the thermal- imaging technology drones use to acquire information. Harvey spoke to Wired about what prompted him to create the collection of outerwear: Total surveillance is a term I first heard from Anders Sandberg during this presentation at a Tabula Rasa conference… He predicts that by 2050 a country can execute total surveillance on a population for .01% of their GDP.

During his studies at the ‘Atelier Lannaux’ (Ecole Superieur des Stylistes-Modelistes – Brussels), from where he graduated with excellent marks in 2005, he continued his creative attempts. He was an apprentice with several well known Belgian designers like Jean Paul Knott, Xavier Delcour and Sophie D’Hoore. In March 2007 he returned to Cyprus and in 2008 he established his first flag store where he promote his personal creations signed ‘Kristos Avraam’, aiming to establish his work in the area of menswear, especially in contemporary suit, following traditional tailoring techniques. Kristos Avraam is a member of Cyprus fashion designers association. To learn more about Kristos, we’ve made a short interview with him: – When did you first start designing?

Cline dancing in Garson & Shaw’s “Not Trashy” video. Garson & Shaw invited over 200 members of the textile recycling industry to Atlanta, Ga., to converse about recycling and do a remake of the Pharrell “Happy” single.YouTube/Garson & Shaw Follow: Related Photo: Author Elizabeth L. Cline autographs her book, “Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion,” at Garson & Shaw’s Atlanta conference in May 2014.Shamontiel L. Vaughn Author Elizabeth L. Cline autographs her book, “Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion,” at Garson & Shaw’s Atlanta conference in May 2014.Shamontiel L.

Many, if not all, of us are facing uncertainty at the end of college and Liu and her blog show us the benefits from taking, in her words, the unbeaten path. Lius story is enough to make you start following her blog, but in case you need more reason, her style is the perfect laidback look that you should take a look at for inspiration. Her posts are filled with unstructured, simple silhouettes, either in solid colors or paisley or floral prints. Shell throw in a fun accessory like a bold necklace or hat to bring the outfits up a notch, but her style is simplistic and casual. Lius blog is filled with great inspiration for your everyday look on campus. Image via Image via Vintage Virgin Vintage Virgin is a fashion blog that is, admittedly, not my style, but one of my favorites nonetheless. Jessica Virgin is a Texas blogger who incorporates one-of-a-kind vintage pieces into her wardrobe for a look that is all her own and is difficult to describe as anything other than eclectic. I still like following her blog because despite not being my style, I look to her for inspiration anyways.


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