Beauty Buys Of The Week: Mother’s Day Special

This Lip Balm duo from EOS includes two delish flavours (Passion Fruit and Strawberry Sorbet) for just 10.50 – bargain. HELLO SNAZZY. For just 12.95 from House Of Fraser, you can get your hands on this exquisite Baylis and Harding Sugar Cane, Basil and Lime Body set – which looks well posh and smells even posher. Keep it simple with this soap trio gift set from Liberty , at 16.00. The only problem being that she might not want to unwrap them, because the paper is so gosh darn it pretty.

Be a careful spender when it comes to choosing your type of beauty treatments and also calculate the cost involved in all the treatments before spending. Make a budget Allocate some money for your beauty regimen. And rotate the priorities. So, if manicure is on the first priority, give that month to manicure and another month dedicate to facials or waxing or pedicure. One visit to a beauty station would be ideal to manage finances well.

She went through a lot of hardships, but never gave up, Venus said of Mama Kei. I see myself in their stories. I experienced the same obstacles. Working on this show has made me realize that we may have different situations in life, but our dreams are all the same. Venus looks up to her cohost, who not only built a business empire on her own, but also survived two tumultuous show biz affairs and an assassination attempt last year. In the short time that Ive known her, Ive observed that when she commits to something, she buckles down to work and never rests until everything is done excellently, Venus said of Cristina. She truly values her work, her goals. She also motivates her team to accomplish any given task.

It is not in the eye, it is in the mind. To Martin, art was about finding inspiration and then losing yourself in it.Artwork is a representation of our devotion to life, she said. The enormous pitfall is devotion to oneself instead of to life. All works that are self-devoted are absolutely ineffective. Agnes Bernice Martin was born on this day in 1912 inMaklin, Saskatchewan, moved to the United States while still a teenager and pursued art like a devotion to life. Google celebrates the 102th anniversary of her birth today with a six-character Doodle of aptly muted beauty. When she died in Taos in 2004, Agnes Martin left no survivors. Except lasting influence. And abstract devotions to life.


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