Madonna’s Most Memorable Hairstyles

Braids can be soft or severe, depending on the wearer’s preference. Professional braids include soft waterfall braids, in which hair is braided from the temples, then cascades along the back. French braids are very recognizable in professional circles, as are side braids and traditional straight braids. As long as the braids are tight, without fly-away hairs escaping, then almost any braid is office-appropriate. Chignons Chignons, or buns, can be worn high, low or anywhere in between. Many women prefer a loose chignon at the base of the neck to maintain an approachable professional look.

Something that also does some shapeshifting in the video is Cher’s hair. We first see her wearing a mane made of newspaper scraps, which turns into a red Grace Coddington-style bouffant and then a blond “Believe”-era wig. “Woman’s World,” which has already peaked at No. 1 on Billboard’s Dance/Club Play Songs chart, marks Cher’s first non-soundtrack release since 2003. It will serve as the first single from “Closer to the Truth,” out Sept. 24. Tune in and decide which of Cher’s coiffures is the best.

She was no longer a boy toy, as was the case with ‘Like a Virgin,’ and her grown up haircut, complete with curling-iron created body, reflected that. Thiswasthe ’80s, after all. ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ High Pony Madge’s ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ high pony, complete with a braid wrap, which she sported in the early ’90s, is one of her most memorable for many reasons. What made it so appealing? Was it the flaxen, glossy color? The way the tightness pulled back her eyes and face, creating an exotic look? The sexy, goddess-like vibe?

X-List: Top 15 Video Game Hairstyles

And, aside from C. Vipers tie, its the only bit of bright color on her body, which wonderfully complements her olive skin-tone and dark outfit. Bayonetta (Bayonetta) I was so disappointed to see that Platinum Games lopped off some of Bayonettas hair in the upcoming Bayonetta 2 .Not that the pixie haircut isnt cute, but its not her. Bayonetta has the gaming worlds greatest hair of all time. It has charms, chains, ribbons, beautiful color, buns, the whole bit!

16, when she shared a picture of her boarding a private jet en route to New York City. In the shot, taken head-on, her cut looks like a conventional pixie, not unlike the one that her peer Beyonce debuted on Aug. 7. In the following photos, though, it becomes apparent that there’s nothing conventional about her new hairstyle; shots taken from the back reveal long strands at the base of her neck. An Aug. 18 Instagram picture of Rihanna’s new rat tail mullet from the back.


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