Gmail Ad Claims Women Use Email For Shoes, Dates, Not Much Else (VIDEO)

Hitting someone with such a lowly object is meant to bring about disgrace and embarrassment. Women are not the only ones defending themselves by shoe-throwing on the streets of Kabul. Parliamentarians, too, are using their shoes as a weapon of choice inside the chamber. In parliament shoe throwing happens all too regularly and will keep on happening, says an MP who last year threw his shoes and anything else he could grab at another MP who was insulting him, an action that was widely What Are the 10 Reasons you should Get Rid of Your Favorite Pair of High Heels? viewed on YouTube . Its the best way to express your hatred against ignorant and stupid people, he says. In our traditions, throwing a shoe during a fight is a sign that I can hurt you, a sign that I have power too. The MP, a Pashtun from an eastern province who declines to be named, says he couldnt take the insults any longer.

That seems like a big oversight, considering that Google has taken the trouble to create an ad directly targeting women. Why not feature an actual woman and build a narrative about how the new inbox helps her get through her day, whether she’s building a social following for her small business, ordering groceries, making student loan and car payments, corresponding with her family or applying for jobs? That story, whoever the subject, would inevitably resonate better with female consumers because it would show how Google’s new product benefits someone they recognize: a woman with interests beyond her looks and love life and responsibilities beyond her social obligations. And doing the research to figure that out would probably help Google develop products that serve those women better. What do you think?

Salvation Army hands out free shoes to Pasco students

HATRICK Leonardo Arrihea, 5, of Dade City, gets a pair of shoes from Carol Miller of the Zephyrhills Ladies Oriental Shrine, Cairo Court No. 97 on Friday morning. GARY S. HATRICK Three-year-old Alexis Popoca of Dade City is all set to start back to school after getting new shoes. GARY S. HATRICK Dennis Klinger, who runs the Salvation Army service center in Dade City, directs the lady Shriners of the Cairo Court in Zephyrhills on how to hand out shoes before kids came Friday morning at the Soles for Little Souls program distribution held at Jim Browne Pasco Chevy Buick GMC.

Advice for parents: Buy the red shoes (My Turn)

“The idea has been Jay’s from the beginning,” said Jamie Fair, Jay’s father. “He’s made a tremendous effort so far and genuinely wants to help those affected. He was adamant that the shoes be new and not old ones. Also, his initial note to family and friends has slowly spread and he’s gathered more than he expected.” Last week, Fair attended the Kevin Durant Basketball Camp in Oklahoma, where he not only got to meet Durant in-person and practice the fundamentals of the game, but also made the official donation of 82 pairs of shoes to the foundation.

Shoe Protection – Protecting Your Shoes – Esquire

Stuff your shoes with crumpled-up newspaper and dry slowly, away from direct heat. Before they’re entirely dry, insert cedar shoe trees to make sure they dry out evenly and maintain their shape. What to Do About Smelly Shoes: Prevention: Wash your feet more often and wash your socks even more often, and don’t wear the same pair of shoes every day. (Ideally, have three interchangeable pairs of dress shoes.) Also, try inserting unvarnished cedar shoe trees into just-removed shoes. They’ll absorb perspiration, deodorize the shoes, and straighten them out after daily wear. Cure: Change your insoles, or better, take your shoes to a cobbler to have the insoles replaced.


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